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Meet the GM: Stephanie Storvik, Aerlume

Aerlume general manager, Stephanie Storvik has deep roots in Seattle and the hospitality industry and lights up when talking about her career and hometown.  “Walking through Pike Place Market into work feels so special to me,” said Stephanie. “I love this place, the people I meet and that it’s different every day.”   She grew up watching her mom waiting tables and got her first job scooping ice cream at 15.  She continued working in restaurants while going to school at Washington State University and spent a semester at CUNY Hunter College in Manhattan.  Prior to joining the Fire & Vine Hospitality team, Stephanie served as Regional Director of Operations for Heavy Restaurant Group. She currently serves on the board of the Seattle Restaurant Alliance.

Stepping into the GM role at Aerlume is an exciting move for Stephanie.  She believes that the first year of a restaurant is an important time to get to know the community and be flexible about turning the dial and changing things up to make it a place that stands the test of time.  She names the Gramercy Tavern in New York as in inspiration for a restaurant that is still as relevant and ground-breaking now as it was when it opened in 1994 and says that she bases her style of service on theirs. “I visit every year and they remember me and always show the ‘constant, gentle pressure’ that is their standard.”

Stephanie is a dedicated teacher and mentor.  While in college, she considered a career as a professor but says, “I’m a different kind of teacher now and I love coaching a team of people who have come together to learn from each other and balance that blend of backgrounds and talents.”  She learned some of her leadership skills from her grandmother who wrote many letters in which she encouraged her to believe in herself, that a woman can do anything and that working hard is rewarding. Stephanie adds, “She was right.”

Close family ties are important to Stephanie.  Her father was a second generation longshoreman and she says, “It means a lot to look out of the dining room at Aerlume and see family on the waterfront.” In addition to spending time with family and friends, Stephanie loves to write and travel – especially to La Paz, Mexico.

Stephanie is known for her big heart and welcoming smile and looks forward to sharing both with guests at Aerlume.