As the seasons change, enjoy new stories, recipes and harvest updates from our restaurant and the farms.


Fall City Farms CSA Boxes Coming Soon to Fire & Vine Restaurants

In 2018, Fall City Farms and Fire & Vine Hospitality formed a partnership to provide hand-selected, locally grown produce to the company’s Seattle-area restaurants. The custom farming operation means that we work together to plan the farm’s seed order and the restaurant menus in tandem, so we can commit to fully utilizing all of the farm’s produce and find some [...]


A Peek inside the 2020 Harvest Planning

A Peek inside the 2020 Harvest Planning When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden. – Minnie Aumonier While the rest of us are trudging through winter with our coat collars up and our hats pulled down, our Aerlume culinary team and farming partners at Fall City Farms met on a dreary, wet January [...]


Meet Maggie Trujillo, Aerlume’s Executive Chef

Meet Maggie Trujillo, Aerlume's Executive Chef Water is the driving force of all nature ~Leonardo da Vinci Maggie Trujillo spent most of her life far from the ocean, yet she says it is where she feels happiest and most at peace. As a competitive swimmer, she thrives near water so the sweeping views of Elliott Bay make Aerlume the perfect [...]


Meet the Farmer: Amanda Marino, Fall City Farms

Meet the Farmer: Amanda Marino, Fall City Farms If you tickle the earth with a hoe she laughs with a harvest. ~Douglas Jerrold The Fire & Vine Hospitality sourcing philosophy is based on serving the very best ingredients, with local and organic produce at the top of that list. The company’s newest partnership is a custom farming operation at Fall [...]



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